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Written by Jeff from Scottidesign.com
Tuesday, 15 March 2011 03:13

Scotti’s Record Shop

is located at

351 Springfield Avenue, Summit, New Jersey, 07901

Online Shopping visit…  EBay  &  Amazon. This is Only a PARTIAL selection of our Inventory!

Scotti’s We stock a wide array of music mediums and genres. Classic Rock and Jazz (and everything in between) from the 1960’s to today is our speciality. Our 20,000+ selection of New and Used VINYL is clean, well organized and easy to view. The Best in North Jesey, that’s a fact!!

2012 NJ Monthly MagazineBest of Issue Runner Up Indie Record Shop Category

LPs/45s start at $1.00…CDs/DVDs start at $1.99…

We constantly stock New and Used Vinyls, CDs and DVDs in great condition. Our back room is reguarly replenished with working and vintage turntables, speakers and recievers. Also in stock are New MUSIC HALL, AUDIO TECHNICA and CROSLEY turntables. Needles and Ortofon cartridges are also available, (please bring the old needle or cartridge if possible).

Record care is very important so we offer…Plastic outter sleeves and paper inner sleeves for 7, 10 and 12 inch records offered individually or in packs. Polylined sleeves and cleaning kits including the D4+ solution and the Mobile Fidelity cleaning pad.

Plus Dirty Records? Clean YOUR records on OUR VPI 6.5 (very professional) record cleaner.

Record Frames for single album or double album/gatefold covers or pick one classic album already framed.

Headphones include SkullCandy, BEATS by DRE, Urban Ears, Sony and other cords and adapters for music use.

Rock N’ Roll Arts and Crafts: Record Clocks, Coasters and Album cover Sketchbooks…very cool!! (Only available Instore).

Rock T-Shirts, Posters, Books and Memorabilia…

For questions about inventory or directions to the store please call…908-277-3893 (10am-6pm, Eastern Standard Time).