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Police Woman on TLC
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Written by Jeff from Scottidesign.com
Monday, 16 November 2009 10:35

Let me just say that I LOVE the show Cops. I really think that there should be a Cops Channel–all Cops, all the time! So when I heard that TLC was coming out with basically a female version of this classic show, I began polishing my nightstick.

The 411

The show follows around four different female sheriffs from Broward County, Florida. Not only do you get to see these ladies in action on the job, but you also get a generous helping of their personal lives.

The Good

Hot girls kicking ass–what’s not to like? These ladies can handcuff me any time! The format of the show is practically identical to Cops so I am thankful that they didn’t try to reinvent the wheel.

The big difference between the Police Women of Broward and Cops is the female perspective. I find it really interesting to see how these women interact with all the different types of people they encounter on the street and their co-workers.

Here’s what I like about each deputy:

Julie–this lady might be 48, but her hair looks like it hasn’t changed in at least 25 years. The best part is that she even admits to loving her 80’s hair and won’t change it. Imagine having to tell your homeboys that you gut busted by the girl from the Whitesnake video. Classic!

Shelunda–is a no-nonsense rookie that knows how to put people in their place. Watching her handle confrontations is a thing of beauty. She is as smooth as a Michael Jordan foul-line dunk and knows how to bring down the hammer.

Ana–is another tough cookie and just like Shelunda, she doesn’t take any crap! She earned my respect and admiration during one episode when she talked about her extreme dislike for having to search females for hidden drugs–especially when I learned that a girl’s private parts can hold up to 10 bags of weed.

Andrea–is H.O.T. She’s not just hot, she’s Playboy hot. I would watch this girlr ead insurance contracts with a parka on–she is just that attractive. Plus she goes from zero to bitch in less than a second. One last thing–during one episode they show Andrea spending time with her child at the beach. Thank you TLC!

The Not So Good

The one thing that seems a little forced to me is the constant contact between these working moms and their children. It just seems that every time these ladies are seconds away from kicking some major butt, the cell phone goes off and it is their child. They are all sweet to their respective child, rush them off the phone and then go all crazy on thebad guy.

Another thing that bothers me about this show is that the actual crime action appears to be watered down through the TLC filter. It could be a bit grittier for my taste, but I won’t complain if they continue to show Andrea in a bikini.

To DVR or Not To DVR?

If you like Cops and hot women–this show is for you. Even if you don’t like women, I think this show does a good job of showing the difficulty of balancing the work and personal life of the female deputies of Broward County–if you really choose to care. I’m not completely sold on the show, but I will give it a chance. At the very least, it is an interesting show to have on the TV to help drown out my wife’s snoring while I surf the web on my lap top.


Written by Frank Ranu of Ranu’s Reviews


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