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Bass Legend Jeff Berlin’s Players School of Music To Host Its One Week Intensive Program For 2010
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The Gateway to a wide-open dimension of contemporary, no-nonsense  musical education, The Players School Of Music in Clearwater Fl.Check it out,

The Gateway to a wide-open dimension of contemporary, no-nonsense musical education, The Players School Of Music in Clearwater Fl.

blogministrators!  We heated up with that interview with Jeff Berlin, then we had that wild ride with the Tygers, and popping up after that safari is none other than someone I am proud to call my friend, Jeffy Berlin!

One of Mr. Berlin’s passions is an unorthodox approach to music education.  He feels there are ways to educate young musicians without locking them into the same educational guidelines that were in place when I was in grade school (read: out-moded/out-dated/over-rigid).  The same methods used then are being used now?  If you can’t see the inherent problem with this, get some internet time and research the argument pitting standardized teaching methods versus more modern, freestyle, at-their-own-pace-in-terms-they-can-understand methodologies behind music education.
That passion in Mr. Berlin went as far as founding his own school to promote that free-thinking style of teaching.  Many of those in attendance at previous seminars, similar to the one you will read about shortly, felt that even though their particular course was only a certain time period long, they gained infinite inside wisdom into their respective instruments.
To those of you who feel Jeff Berlin has me in his pocket, as well as those who feel I reside in Rundgren Radio’s pocket, I simply propose you start your own blog, and review what you like and pan (that means to critique in a negative manner) what you don’t.  If you want to review every thing I review to write the opposite of my opinion, go ahead, have at it.  You are entitled to your opinion.
But it is my opinion that people need to know about the education side to Mr. Berlin.  One website banned him for his opinion.  I invite any and all musicians, performance artists, if you feel your music fits in with this blog or this site, and you have something to say, I do not succumb to fan pressure, nor do I shrink from record label types, promoters,  agents, they are all folk just like you and me.  If they have something to say, you can say it to me, at any level, reader of the blog to VPs and Presidents of corporations, to the artists themselves.
This blog is home to a haven of truth on behalf of the artist.
This blog is a home for artists, their respective camps, promotional divisions, etc. to tell their side of any given story or announce any upcoming event, public, private or personal.
Most importantly, this blog is for the reader seeking information about their favorite progressive music artists, their music or their performances, I try to bring what I can to this blog.  We are continuing the spirit of expanding this blog to cover new horizons with a new submission from the good folks at Mr. Berlin’s camp regarding his Player’s School Of Music.
Let’s all check out what they have to say:
For Immediate Release
6/4/2010 – Clearwater, FL – Musicians who want to learn how to play better will be pleased to hear that bass legend Jeff Berlin will hold a “One Week Intensive Music Program” from September 13 to 17, 2010. The event is widely regarded as one of the finest 5 days of music education available. Bass players, guitar players, drummers and keyboardists, beginners to advanced players will take private lessons everyday at their level to improve. Says Jeff, “I’ve said so many negative things about so much of music education, that my reputation is riding upon the very improvement that I promise to players who attend this event. 100% who attend MUST get better as players or I will have to answer for it! For this reason, I made sure that everybody on every instrument, on every musical level goes home better than when they first arrived!”
The Players School of Music was formed in 1998. It is located in the historic Kapok Building in Clearwater, Florida. “I stated the school to make a living when I retired from playing bass when my son got cancer (he recovered and I kept the school),” Jeff Berlin explains. “The school offers musical content to beginners and advanced players – 100% of our students improve if they practice what is given to them. Pure beginners come here and learn to read and play and advanced players are offered lessons that they won’t find elseware. Guest lecturers included Mike Stern, Victor Wooten, Brian Bromberg and Larry Coryell and this year will surely have excellent guests as well.”
Jeff Berlin is a legend of the electric bass, considered by many to be the finest electric bass player in the world. A true master of the bass, Jeff Berlin has played with the likes of Bill Bruford, George Benson, Allan Holdsworth, and even toured with original members of Yes (Anderson, Wakeman, Bruford, Howe) on only three days’ notice. Jeff has also been at the front of music education for almost 30 years. His column in Guitar Player and Bass Player magazineswere the most read columns due to their controversial content of music education. Jeff single handedly has re-vamped music education by dismissing popular methods of learning such as using electronic tuners, metronomes, handgrips, tablature, or any study method that does not include musical content.
The Players School of Music second One Week Intensive Program takes place from September 13-17th, 2010! Contact Vicky Berlin for more information at Or call her at 727-725-1445 extention 13.
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Thanks to Jeff Berlin, the folks in his camp and as always, thanks for reading.
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